Diaspora by Greg Egan


29 Apr 2019

1 minute read

Diaspora is a captivating science fiction novel by Australian writer Greg Egan that evokes complex physics ideas through the tale of the development of the human race through space and its encounters with numerous alien creatures.


Set on Earth in a divided human society in a distant future, this story starts by showcasing how different Earth has become. The human way of life is split into three categories:

The balance between these societies is broken when the burst of energy from a neutron star reaches Earth, forcing the fleshers to become virtual citizens or perish.

This shock will destabilize the foundations of life for humanity and will push certain citizens to explore far into the unknown world and desperately try to understand the unexpected energy burst that destroyed flesher society and confounded the most brilliant.

I sincerely recommend this book because it has provided me with an amazing read and brought me to ponder the events of our future. Egan manages to portray the complexity of science coupled with the plethora of emotions that binds human life. He illustrates the human search for purpose and discovery in a beautiful manner and his story presents an interesting outlook on the human future.

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